About Us

We are dealing with captivating and alluring handicrafts which includes "Blue Pottery" products like Cups, Plates, Jugs and Vases.
We are also dealing in fascinating Camel Lamps made from Camel skin.

Description of Products

Short details of Blue Pottery, Camel Lamps and other products are described below.
Also contains information of how these products are 'manufactured'.

Blue Pottery

The oriental style of blue pottery is considered ethnic as its centuries old. Every pottery piece is hand painted and handcrafted individually before providing heat treatment of about 250 degree Celsius. Most noteworthy point is that each piece will not lose its real color and the condition will stay as fresh as new for decades.

Camel Lamps

These lamps are extraordinary in appearance as they are made of camel skin and it's the most attractive handicraft. This entrancing item is made in a certain manner that the camel's skin is first washed, cleaned and shaped they way its desired. After giving the right shape, the lamp is painted with sparkling colors.